Student Work

Here is some of my favorite student work from over the years!

Colonie de VacancesIn French 2A, students worked in groups to create their ideal summer camp and make a promotional video for it. They had a lot of fun 🙂

“Ma Routine Quotidienne,” StoryJumper – In French 2A, students created digital storybooks about their daily routine. Here’s a sample book:

SoundCloud, Les Films – Students in French 3A asked each other about their favorite films using the app SoundCloud and class iPods.

VoiceThread, On faisait quoi? – Students in French 3A used the VoiceThread app on class iPods to describe different actions that characters were doing in class. Here’s one of my favorites:

Bande Dessinee, Noel – Using the website ToonDoo, students created comic strips about the upcoming holiday. Here’s one of my favorites:


Se Presenter, Voki – Using Voki, students presented themselves to the class. To “hand in” their work, students had to email me the embed code so I could post it on our blog.

Presentarse, Blabberize – Using a website called Blabberize, students in Spanish 1 introduced themselves to the class. They could either use a real photo of themselves or one of an animal or movie character.

Que te gusta hacer? – Using Storyjumper, Spanish 1 students created a digital storybook about things they liked to do.

Fiesta! – Using StripGenerator, students in Spanish 1 made a comic strip about a party using birthday vocabulary.


Tienda de Ropa – Students in Spanish 2 c.p. worked in groups to create a website in Spanish selling their favorite clothing. We used Wikispaces to make the websites. Here’s a screenshot from one of them:

clothing website