About Me

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I am passionate about world language education and enjoy working with teachers of all languages and levels on strengthening their practice. 

I began teaching after completing a Master’s in TESOL and Foreign Language Education at New York University. I taught French and Spanish at the middle and high school levels for many years, obtaining National Board Certification in French, and a second Master’s from Harvard University in Foreign Language, Literatures, and Cultures. I became a department chair in 2011, and lead a team of 19 teachers of five different languages (French, Italian, Latin, Mandarin, and Spanish). We shifted our curriculum to develop thematic units, wrote performance assessments in the three modes of communication, and strengthened our practice to ensure that students in all levels and in all languages experienced an immersive, culturally-rich, and communicatively-focused program. I completed an EdD in Curriculum & Instruction, and in 2016, took on the role of Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of Modern Foreign Language Education and Director of Curriculum & Teaching at Boston University’s Wheelock College of Education & Human Development. I now work with pre-service world language teachers of Arabic, French, German, Mandarin, and Spanish, teaching Methods classes, Second Language Acquisition, Language Program Management, and more.

What people are saying…

“Catherine does a phenomenal job teaching teachers. She not only gave us a ton of useful resources, she made sure we left feeling like we could incorporate it because we practiced and modeled it throughout the day.” – Adrianna Rios, Teacher Specialist

“Catherine is organized, knowledgeable, uses time productively and offers real-life examples of the ideas given.” – Maria Delaney, Spanish Teacher

“This is a fabulous seminar. Catherine gives tangible activities and information that can be implemented into my teaching lessons tomorrow!” – Eamon Griffin, Spanish Teacher

“Catherine Ritz is phenomenal! She provided and actively demonstrated numerous activities and strategies the I can implement in my classroom tomorrow.” – Mayrenid Mejia-Ayala, Grades 6-8 Spanish Teacher

“Catherine Ritz is so well organized, relaxed, thoughtful, generous, honest, and informative. I could have sat for hours longer to learn more. Thank you.” – an attendee from the MaFLA Fall Conference, 2015

“Excellent. Excellent. This woman is a true teacher! Her presentation was colorful, superbly well organized, and she stayed within the time frame. What a resource!” – an attendee from the AATF Annual Convention, 2012

“This was the BEST session that I’ve attended. So informative! Well presented!” – an attendee from the AATF Annual Convention, 2012

“The best presentation today. I hope Catherine presents again next year. I would love to attend another workshop.” – an attendee from the MaFLA Fall Conference, 2012

“Catherine is quite knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. I enjoyed this tremendously, and learned so much!” – an attendee from the MaFLA Fall Conference, 2012